Thu 22 Jun 2017 09:15

Whitton Lions train on Wednesday evenings at our home ground at the Whitton Park Sports Association in Whitton (map) from 8:00pm. Please arrive promptly.

Our coach, runs structured sessions for players of all fitness and abilities, with a mix of full-contact, semi-contact and touch rugby. Sessions cover fitness, general and position-specific skills, core strength and more, sample session structure:
– 10 mins warm up with touch rugby
– 10 mins of semi contact drills e.g. 2 attackers v. 1 defender
– 10 mins of technique practice e.g. tackling, rucking
– 10 mins of fitness work e.g. interval sprints
– 10 mins of technique practice e.g. line outs, backs moves
– finish with game to suit the people attending

You are welcome to join us please email to let us know you’ll be coming down.